tisdagen den 1:e december 2009


onsdagen den 18:e november 2009

18 November

söndagen den 18:e oktober 2009

18 October

Oh, thinkin' about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free

onsdagen den 30:e september 2009

30 September

måndagen den 14:e september 2009

14 Sept

Vogue Germany September 09

söndagen den 13:e september 2009

13 September

fredagen den 11:e september 2009

11 September

Love the jacket!

11 September

torsdagen den 10:e september 2009

10 Sept

Hey my soul sister don't you look so sad
It's time to stop thinking about what you ain't got
And see the things you have
Now don't you go and throw it all throw it all away
Tomorrow doesn't have to be just another yesterday

'Cause I can't watch you drown away, drown in your own tears
Everybody gets hurt sometimes and everybody has fears
You say you want to end it all, but don't you get that rad baby
'Cause if you want the good things, you got to taste the bad sometimes
That's how it is

'Cos I know that life can get hazy
But don't let this world drive you crazy, hear me baby...
So don't let your world turn a permanent shade of blue
You've got to learn to kick the habit baby
Before it starts to kick you yes it will
Don't you know you're bold enough and strong enough to fight
Someway somehow you know it's going to be all right, that's how it is

fredagen den 4:e september 2009

4 September

4 September

4 September

måndagen den 24:e augusti 2009

24 Aug.

söndagen den 23:e augusti 2009

23 Aug

evil twin

lördagen den 22:e augusti 2009

22 Aug.

Bar Rafaeli

torsdagen den 20:e augusti 2009

20 Aug

Vogue Paris Septembre

onsdagen den 19:e augusti 2009

19 Aug.

19 Aug.

måndagen den 17:e augusti 2009

17 Aug

söndagen den 16:e augusti 2009

16 Aug.

Hayden Christensen